Google Plus Community VS Facebook Group VS LinkedIn Group

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Types Open groups (Anyone can see content) Open groups Public: a) Public b) Moderator approval is required
Closed (Only members see the content) Members-only groups (Members should be approved by the moderator; Discussions are hidden from search engines or non-members). Private: a) Anyone can join but all should be approved by moderator (only members can see discussions) b) Hidden from search (works by invitation only)
Secret (Only members know it exists)
Subgroups No Yes (can be members-only) No
Categories for discussions (make easier to follow what you specialize in) No Kind of (the built-in categories are: (general) discussions, jobs and promotions) Yes
"Follow" favorite / interesting discussions Yes Yes No


Easiness of content discovery and interaction



Order of new threads by default Unclear (Mix of date & popularity) Most popular ("What's happening") Latest
Emails sent when a new thread is added Yes (Disabled by default but you can enable that) Yes (Disabled by default but you can enable that) Yes (Disabled by default but you can enable that)
Seeing new threads in your stream / home page Yes No Yes (Disabled by default but you can enable that)
Hashtag support Yes No Yes




How to discover and build new connections


The ability to see ALL members of the group / community Yes Yes (+ see how "far" they are from you, i.e. 1st/2nd, etc degree) Yes (You can see if you are already connected on hover-over)
Highlighting influencers / active users within group / community (makes it easier to discover new connections) No Yes No
The ability to follow / add new contacts right from the member list Yes Yes Yes (on hover-over)
The ability to tag people in the update to drive them into the discussion Yes No Yes
How to share your own stories The ability to self-promote (promote projects, press releases, etc) No Yes (via Promotions that can be enabled by group moderators) No built-in / explicit feature for that (but mods can allow that by creating a separate category)
The ability to set-up a poll Yes Yes No
The ability to submit a new story from off-site buttons No Yes Yes
Events Yes No Yes! Google Plus Hangouts!