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Social Media Sun is an Online Social Media and Digital Marketing Magazine. The articles published on this site are intended to help businesses and professionals develop their brand, institute an integrated marketing strategy, and learn the latest proven tactics involving a number of channels including Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others to reach their goals.

We take pride in the fact that not only are we offering sound digital marketing advice, but also that our methods were tested and ultimately proven in today’s hyper competetive blogosphere. Social Media Sun launched from relative obscurity on February 29, 2012 and has grown into a highly acclaimed resource with over 45,000 unique monthly visitors in a little over 4 months. In 120 days Social Media Sun surpassed dozens of industry leading blogs in viewership, some of which have been around for several years – relics from a time when blog traffic was much easier to come by.

Social Media Sun launched with a focus on quality, authority, and helping our readers with a level of attention that other websites simply can’t or won’t give. The site covers a wide range of topics all focused on the singular activity of developing online properties (websites, blogs, social media accounts, business) and digital marketing. Adam Justice is the primary blogger and Managing Director, with Lisa Mason contributing regularly as Vice President of Operations. The site also features expert guests on a regular basis. For our grand opening we were lucky enough to attract industry leaders Jason Falls, Gini Dietrich and Lori Ruff. Since then we’ve been honored to host guest posts by Viveka Von Rosen, Margie Clayman, Nichole Kelly, Warren Whitlock, Jim Dougherty, Sarah-Jayne Gratton and many other sought after sources.


Social Media: The Great Equalizer?

We all cross paths on Facebook, Twitter and Google + despite our means or intentions. Social Media has become a great equalizer, giving the crowd a voice that was never before heard. When an idea resonates with users on an emotional level, it causes the world to change. Sometimes it comes in the form of a deviant learning their lesson, sometimes it comes in the form of a young singer becoming famous from his YouTube videos, and sometimes it’s a full blown revolution.

We want you to be part of our community, and we want to offer you valuable services that will help you succeed at social media no matter why you’re using it. We’re not going to write about Facebook and then tell you not to ask us questions about the Timeline. We aren’t going to charge you 100$ to watch a video, and we aren’t going to sell your e-mail address. We know social media; we know that it’s built on trust, and treating people right. It is the one place were Ashton Kutcher is going to get called out for making a mistake, where the Susan G. Komen foundation answers to disreputable business practices. We’re all equals on Facebook, the good looking playboy and the introverted kid with social anxiety. You don’t have to remind us that you’re an equal, we’ll make sure everyone knows that.


Anticipating your Needs, Addressing the Quality Issue

Besides striving to become the leader in high quality content production we also want to innovate in the Social Media networking space. There is an overabundance of networking tools and websites to connect with other social media enthusiasts and web developers, but it’s impossible to sort the best from the rest. Social Media Sun promises to introduce our readers to the most thought provoking and influential pundits, up and coming bloggers and the people who are behind the platforms you love. We strive to answer the questions before you even ask them, to write the user manual before you even buy the product.

So as you navigate the Internet under the banner of web 2.0 and social media, remember where to come. When it comes to social media, we’re everything under the sun.


Social Media Sun Staff

There is a lot of work that goes into producing content, organizing events, answering user questions, responding to inquiries, promotion, project and web development and many other duties that are required to keep Social Media Sun up and running. We have a lean, but dedicated staff of managers and contributors who make sure that you have access to fresh, relevant, high quality content today and access to all of our pages and applications.

Owner, Ann Smarty

Ann is the active blogger and guest blogger, founder of MyBlogGuest.com and co-founder of ViralContentBuzz.com

VP of Special Media, Lisa Mason

Lisa Mason owns her own eponymous freelance content creation and online consulting firm. She is a regular contributor and community manager, and manages special media projects. Lisa blogs as Social Media Satisfied

Founder, Adam Justice

Adam Justice is CEO of Elkhorn Media and founder of Social Media Sun. In addition to acting as the lead web developer and editor, Adam is also the primary author of the blog.