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At Social Media Sun we cover a broader targeted audience than most Social Media sites. Some of our audience is relatively new to social media, while some are experienced managers or web developers. We want to make sure you can use our site as efficiently as possible and get the most out of the content that was created just for you.

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New to Social Media?

If you’re new to social media or have recently decided to upgrade your social media knowledge past status updates and posting pictures on Facebook, let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the club! Hundreds of Millions of users log into social media accounts every day, making it the most convenient and far reaching networking platforms the earth has ever known. Consumers have decided to allow themselves to be marketed to and interacted with by businesses in these social network settings, which also makes the prospect of doing business through social media a potentially valuable one.


The 3 Stages to Learning Social Media

Stage 1- Building Relationships and Trust, Best Practices of Modern Humans

The first stage has to do with building relationships and appropriate behavior. Saying thank you, marketing through word of mouth, talking to people instead of at them, not going out of your way to criticize or opine, and promoting yourself through adding value instead of selling to people.

Step 2- Becoming Proficient With the Platforms and Concentrating on the Task at Hand

The second stage is the part where you learn how to use the social networks for your business. A lot of social media enthusiasts do great with building relationships, but end up spending several hours a day treating social networks like playgrounds. Sometimes they get pre-occupied with gaming a score or becoming popular and forget why they got into social media marketing in the first place. During the second stage you learn how to use automation and scheduling, how to group your activities so they take up as little time as possible and how to make social media work for your business instead of you working for Facebook.

Step 3- Mastering Analytics, Integration, Mentoring and Refinement

The third stage is the advanced stage. This is the equivalent of your masters degree. You learn about ROI and how to determine the correct performance indicators to measure your results. You learn how to integrate your analytics and your automation. You can now answer about anyone’s general Facebook questions and you’re familiar with so many social networks, widgets and third-party applications that you need a list just to track them. You’ll no longer learn much from the majority of social media articles, but since you know how social media works you’ll visit the same old haunts and give back to the new crowd coming up.


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New to the Social Media Sun?

If you know what a landing page is and have more Twitter followers than dollars in your bank account, you’re in the right place. You already know social media has major benefits on many different levels, but if you’re a social media enthusiast, you know that you can always learn something new. We have articles on every popular social network for any skill level and editorials written by social media superstars as well as up-and-coming bloggers.

Here is a must read article list for social media intermediates:


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Are you a Social Media Expert?

You are a valuable member of our community. You run your own business online or other people’s businesses. You can name six different ways to measure ROI accurately, and six different statistics that align with your key performance indicators.

We do great business with many of the most popular social media bloggers and look forward to sharing a mutually beneficial relationship with you. My favorite part of the social media community has always been the sharing and helping. Your site may compete with Social Media Sun in the SERPs, but you always know you have a friend when you visit our domain. We love to hear your ideas, and we’re never short on ideas ourselves. So if you find yourself in a slump, need a partner or advertising, or just want to collaborate we’re open to your proposals, and almost always find a way to make everyone happy.

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