The Future of Social Media Sun

You may have noticed some new posts at Social Media Sun over the past couple of months. And our Facebook fanpage is active once more. After a short down period, we are happy to have things up and running again and we’re so very thankful for the readers who have stuck around, especially those of you who have been here since the start. We’re also grateful to those of you who are just joining us.

Photo of Mari Smith

#SMSchat 1 – Facebook Friends featuring Mari Smith 10-18-2012

[View the story “#SMSchat 1 – Mari Smith 10/18/2012” on Storify] #SMSchat 1 – Mari Smith 10/18/2012 Social Media Sun’s inaugural #SMSchat Twitter Chat, with special guest Mari Smith. The theme was Facebook, and the chat was a total success! Everyone enjoyed the chat, and Mari shared a lot of valuable information! Storified by Adam …

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