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10 Terrific Twitter Plugins That Will Supercharge Your Content Marketing

Updated: July 11, 2021

They say … create quality content and the traffic, back links, rankings, and social media signals will come pouring in like rain? Sounds good, but dare I say, a little “too good to be true”.

Truth is you can keep churning out some of the best quality articles or blog posts in your niche and it will hardly do anything. It’s like a musician sitting in his basement, and creating some of the most delightful compositions, but it will hardly bring any fame or acknowledgement unless the musician can find a way to promote this music.

To cut a long story short, not only you need to invest your time and resources on creating wonderful content, you need to work equally hard on content distribution, and gradually building your audience.

Content alone is good for nothing; content coupled with social media marketing is the key.

Talking of the social media, we have the giants like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest to choose from, with each having its own pros and cons.

LinkedIn is good for B2B marketing, Pinterest is essential for ecommerce sites, but probably, your first choice for content distribution should be Twitter, especially when we have an increasing number of people browsing the Internet via smartphones (78% of Twitter users are on mobile).

Therefore, Twitter, with more than 271 million active users, must be a part of your content marketing plans. Imagine, some of your content going on a retweeting spree?

Twitter Plugins for WordPress:

Knowing that a big majority of blogs are powered by WordPress, it makes perfect sense to use one of those free or premium plugins that will make your life easier.

The good news is, you have more than 1000 free WordPress plugins ready to lend a hand, and the bad news is, it is practically impossible to try all these plugins one by one and settling with the one that meets your needs and requirements. Here’s when a list of best and recommended plugins can help.

1. Custom Twitter Feeds

Custom Twitter Feeds

Apart from content distribution and audience building, social media can help you with trust building and credibility.

In case you are running a business blog or selling some product, social proof can do wonders to your conversion rate. Here’s a plugin that will help you showcase your twitter followers like Facebook fans, with their profile pictures and all.

You must have seen a similar plugin or widget being used at a popular website. This plugin may also allow you to aggregate and show the tweets by certain people in a box at your website. For example, if you are running an Internet Marketing blog, having the real time tweets by guys like Rand Fishkin or Danny Sullivan will add a lot of credibility and value to your website.

2. TweetDis


Trying to engage your target audience at Twitter is a good method, but your best bet is to get your readers to tweet your post. And they wouldn’t mind doing so, as long as you are making it incredibly easy to tweet something of value without having to think or do much.

The easiest way to do so, is to provide them with a take-home message or quote that they can tweet by simply clicking on the button. TweetDis can do exactly that.

3. Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts

While searching at Twitter for tweets on certain topics, you might have come across tweets with posts or links which are quite old. As a blogger or internet marketer, you might not be interested in old posts, but an average twitter user is not really concerned about the publishing date, as long as the information and content is valid and helpful.

So, why not make the most of your old content by scheduling and automatically tweeting the links. The plugin allows you to schedule by day and time, filter them to be tweeted by categories, and add additional text to the tweets.

4. Twitter Cards

The plugin helps you with generating Twitter cards for your posts. You can customize the card experience for every single post, and allows you to have a preview before going ahead with it.

The plugin will fine crop the images itself.

5. Hupso Share Buttons

Twitter share button

In case you don’t want to give Twitter the center stage, instead you want to use twitter as one of many different social networks that you are using for content marketing. You can use a plugin like Hupso share.

The plugin allows you to add social buttons for all popular networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and many more. The plugin supports all popular networks, and it comes with social media counters, and a very slick design.

6. Official Twitter Plugin

Officially launched to support Twitter functionality within WordPress blogs, this plugin integrates a lot of Twitter features including Twitter buttons (share and follow buttons) as well as Twitter analytics and more.

So that was a small collection of social media plugins that we want you to take into account. Please look at them closely as some of them might really boost your Social Media performance.

Tim Soulo

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