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5 Pinterest Niche Clones For Narrowing Your Visual Content Strategy

Pinterest has risen on the social scene so quickly that it can only be described as a meteoric ascent. In the wake of its success, many clones have been popping up all over the web. Some of these are direct ripoffs, such as Pinspire. But most have their own niche that they cater to, presenting something different that just uses the overall pinning format.

For those who are looking to up their content game, Pinterest and clones can be a great way of doing it. You can post up images, promote infographics or videos to the audiences who will most appreciate it, working on either wide or limited appeal. It is a great way of focusing your strategy.

Here are five different clones that can give you a platform for your visual content.

1 – Trippy


Who It’s For: Travel lovers who want to share photos, deals, and anything else related to trotting around the world. People post their content, share it or curate it. They have the added benefit of asking questions, or answering those of others. It is a complete travel resource.

How You Can Use It:

Tweet it: Use @usetrippy to promote your high-quality travel visual content!

Obviously, travel blogs and other services can use this site to aim their content at travelers who want information. But local businesses in any region can use it as well. Sign up by asking for an email invite.

2 – Gentlemint


Who It’s For: Pinterest isn’t specifically for women, but that is – and always has been – the primary demographic. As a consequence, almost everything on there is aimed at women. You see this most strongly in the Health & Fitness, Fashion and Beauty sections of the site. Gentlemint is Pinterest for men, with them very much in mind. But it goes a bit further…it is for manly things, not just items men find interesting.

How You Can Use It:

Tweet it: Use @Gentlemint to reach out to your male customers

Do you have content that is very man-centric? This is the place to put it. A great deal of what it offered here is objective when it comes to what “manly” means, which gives you some wiggle room. But since your demographic is primarily male, it better targets that audience in a way that most Pinterest clones don’t.

3 – Chill


Who It’s For: People who like videos, and want to pin them. Pinterest does allow video clips, but that feature is rarely used at this point in time. People prefer links to blogs there. Chill is all about videos, and it a nice place to promote those YouTube, Vimeo, Blip or other platform clips floating around.

How You Can Use It:

Tweet it: Use @ChillLive to make the most of your filmmaking efforts

Both small clips and full movies can be pinned here. Featured videos are offered a front page slot, and they post a link to the trailer. So you can do a lot with this site that you can’t get anywhere else.

4 – I Wanna Nom

I Wanna Nom

Who It’s For: Foodies, anyone who loves exchanging recipes, or just want to drool over food. This is an all-meal pin site that takes the Food section of Pinterest to the extreme. Other sites in this category have a tendency to be more specific, like Bleat being Vegan. But it isn’t just recipes shared here, it is also anything else related to food. Infographics, ad campaigns for certain food causes and funny pictures are commonly seen around the boards.

How You Can Use It:

Tweet it: Use @iwannanom to promote your food-related visual content

Post your own recipes, or anything related to food that links back to your websites. Another great use is for restaurants or food delivery services who want to spread the world on a more targeted market than you would find on Pinterest. Since the user base is smaller, you’re more likely to be seen.

5 – StylePin


Who It’s For: Fashion lovers, particularly women, and anything related to style. It has categories open for certain points of fashion, such as brands, accessories, dressed, shoes and tops. As such, it is a female specific style website, rather than more gender neutral.

How You Can Use It:

Tweet it: Use @stylepin to promote your fashion-related visual content

If you specialize in women’s fashion, you can get a lot of traction without having to compete with a giant mishmash of related images. Since there are smaller categories broken down, people will more easily find your photos in each one. They also have a trending, latest and popular section.

Have a Pinterest clone that makes a good platform for your content? Let us know in the comments.

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