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3 Ways to Increase Traffic, Sales, and Revenue with Social Media

Want to increase your traffic, sales, and revenue through the use of social media? Of course, you do! And that’s exactly what we are going to be discussing in the article today.

With more than a two billion active users spread across the major social platforms, it would be a huge mistake to continually pass on this audience. At the same time, SEO and Google traffic is quickly dying out. Social media advertising is the place to be, and here are some of the methods that are working best for us and other brands, bloggers, and marketers in the world today.

Using Visuals and Social Media Scheduling

Did you know that one of the biggest time sucks on the internet is social media? It’s true, and it’s often because of the distractions and a never-ending supply of updates and content going live at any given time. However, there are also many benefits to social media and it’s massive reach.

With this in mind, it’s not just businesses and brands who are managing the social accounts that can find themselves lost in content, it’s also your audience. This means your business or brand needs to continually be posting content to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social platforms where your latest content can get buried fast. When done correctly, social media can result in thousands of new visitors to your sites daily.

Here are two simple social media tips that every site or marketer should follow.

  1. Use visuals whenever possible, and make sure they are the right size
  2. Automate social post scheduling across multiple platforms

Thanks to the recent Twitter rules and API changes, it’s not as simple and easy to set up an endless supply of automated postings, but it’s still possible. Social media scheduling tools not only provide a solution on how to schedule updates and postings to various platforms, they also often provide tracking URLs and performance reports as well. Paid options like Quuu Promote can also be useful for this as well. Either way, when posting on Facebook, daily is more than enough. Posting to Twitter every few hours is also a good idea.

However, your work isn’t over yet. Once you have your visuals and social updates live and in place, be sure to take some time to see which convert best. This will allow you to continually tweak and improve your social media postings and efforts.

Live and Automated Webinars

It’s one thing to have a large and loyal following on social media, but it’s another to actually get them to your site and turning them into valuable customers. Social backlinks and promotions to articles and blog posts are the ‘go-to’ method, but I highly recommend the use of landing pages and webinars to step these promotions up another level.

For example, if you currently have a website or blog that offers free content or services, you should instantly start seeing success with webinars and social media. Webinars are easy to set up, free for your audience, and can definitely help in the pre-sell process of higher ticket items or to introduce new users to your brand.

Through the use of advanced webinar tools and automation, it’s no longer mission impossible to implement a live or automated webinar into your content creation and marketing efforts. This is especially true with social media, as the promotion of webinars to social audiences on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is not only easier than ever — it’s also more effective as well.

The reason why webinars work extremely well for selling high-end products and getting audiences to engage is that it’s a live experience. And even for those sites and marketers who are running automated, they still work just as well, as they will feel ‘live’ for the attending audience.

Remarketing to Webinars & Products

Now that we’ve covered the importance of posting visuals and automated content to social media, and how to increase sales and leads with webinars, it’s now time to introduce remarketing into the mix. The great thing about remarketing is that you are targeting to an audience that is already familiar with your brand or whatever it is you have to offer.

For example, if you wanted to create an ad campaign on Facebook Ads for remarketing, you would do this through custom audiences. You can then advertise to an audience that either visit your website (and already left without making a purchase), email subscribers on your mailing list, or even a subset of users that you might have targeted on social media/Facebook.

To step this up another level, factor in how many signups you’ve received to your latest webinar and those who didn’t convert on your sales pitch. Using social media and remarketing, you can then provide these users with another chance to act on your offer.

The important thing to remember here is that your remarketing ads are usually only being seen by people who have either visit your site or are on your mailing list.

Social Media, Online Advertising, and Mobile Users

The internet is always changing and what works months or years ago, may not be working today. For example, SEO is on a downward trend, while mobile usage and visual content is on the rise.

Social media, however, is always active and growing in many different directions. The important thing is that your business or brand is always growing it’s online and social following, while also building active ad campaigns and providing value in the process.

Implement each of the three steps and social media marketing methods above into your daily efforts, and you will continue to see improved growth and ROI for years to come.

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