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Jason Falls Welcomes You to Social Media Sun

Do you have tangible goals for the time you spend using social media for business? I would say the most prevalent mistake that people make is getting ahead of themselves and spending too much time pleading with their followers for action. Social Media works, and it works organically. Content is king, but good content that easily consumed and relevent to your audience is king of social media. If the content you create resonates with your audience, it will do most of the work for you, and if you look at the small business brands that are successful with social media, it’s apparent. There are many things that are more important than your Klout score, the number of Twitter followers you have and the number of networks you are on.

One of the leading factors for involvement in social media today is vanity. When you find yourself checking Klout every morning or trying to game engagement, you’ve lost sight of the value in marketing through social media channels. Activity that is spurred by vanity can’t be sustained, but if you have a strategy that showcases your skills and offers something tangible that is relevant to the subject, everything you do builds on that.

One person that understands this principle more than anyone is Jason Falls. As the founder of Social Media Explorer, many people look to Jason for direction when integrating their business with social media. I’m honored to have Jason as a guest for our launch here at Social Media Sun, and this is a valuable treat for you as well. Without further ado, here is Jason on using social media the right way, and focusing on your goals as a means for efficiency. -Adam Justice


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  1. This video is the epitome of why Jason became my one of my favorite speakers. I started following him after I found out he was from Pikeville (you guys will never understand unless you visit here lol), but I kept following because he has a clear picture of what people who want to learn really need to hear. Experience shines through, if you get a chance to make one of SME’s Exploring Social Media shows this year, I highly recommend going!


  1. Online Voice: Consistency and Personality | Social Media Sun - [...] descriptors to round out their voice that will be exclusive to their contributions to the site. Jason Falls could…

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