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Marketing In The Virtual World

google-analyticsMarketing in the virtual world is slowly but surely gaining up on marketing in the real world. Most companies are starting to see the importance of the Internet in modern business. Many have completely put their business on the Internet. With that Internet marketing is becoming one of the most important areas of business for any company. How do you do a successful Internet marketing campaign then?

1. Promote to the right target group

The first and most important step is to define who you are talking to. Whatever it is you offer, there will always be some group of buyers which will most fit your product. Have you heard of the Pareto principle? It tells us that 20% of buyers bring 80% of profit. That practically means that the effectiveness of your campaign can be really strong if you find who those 20% are.

How do you find that ideal target group? Start with motive, or desires and needs that motivate your buyers into buying something. For example, if you are selling computer software, it is completely logical that your target group will be people who would use that software daily, like accountants and people who work on their computers a lot.

2. Decrease risk for your buyers

The average buyer will never buy from you if the value of what he gets is not bigger than the risk and fear he feels during buying. This goes especially for Internet buying where it is not easy to determine the credibility of the seller. So how does your potential buyer trust you to do everything you say you will do?

In this case it is good to show previous customer experience. Good reviews go a long way in Internet marketing.

3. Make an offer they can’t refuse

For every product or service you think of there are thousands of sellers on the Internet, and for some even millions. The Internet makes it the same if you are selling something out of Africa, America, Europe or Asia. It’s the reason to make your offer something special, to make it different.

How do you achieve that? No matter what you are selling, think about what can be added to your product, what new value it can have that the competition hasn’t thought about. That can be the packaging, the time of delivery, the quality of service. Don’t forget to accent that in your offer.

4. Know what your buyer brings you in a long term

Don’t think about your buyer and what he will bring you through only one purchase. Today, it is essential to get loyal buyers. Estimate how much the average buyer buys in a long period of time. How do you judge how long a buyer will remain loyal? You can analyze some statistical data, but you will have a problem if you still don’t have data about previous buying habits. Estimate how prepared your customers are to recommend you. Make a little poll and ask them how they found you

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