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14 Things To Promote Your Book If You Are A Student Book Writer

It is not an easy job for a new writer to promote a book keeping in mind various factors involved in the process. But worry not! In this post we will show you some simple yet effective ways to reach out to your audience without drilling a hole in your pocket. If you are not so good in your studies and getting low grades, then its best to start venturing into booking writing so that it opens up a entrepeneurial opportunity for you even when you are studying. 

Online modes to market your book 

A) Are you a blogger? Do you have a blog?

A blog gives you a platform to connect with people and takes your identity to a different height. If you have a well established blog that invites a good traffic, then a major part of your promotion will be taken care of by your blog.

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How to

  • i) If you are an established blogger and have written a post on your upcoming book, this will be shared across different social media sites by thousands of people who follow you (for FREE).
  • ii) Being a blogger you will definitely have your own groups and communities where you can share all the updates regarding the release.
  • iii) You can place the affiliate link of the book in your blog and within the posts

B) Promoting through social media

One of the best sources to reach, touch and inspire people is social media. In platforms such as twitter, facebook, instagram etc. you can find millions of people to share your book to the world.

Read about social media marketing here 

C) Get some genuine book reviews

Once your book is live in Amazon, try to get some positive and genuine reviews regarding the book. You can ask your friends or colleagues to share their inputs once they have completed reading the same. These reviews are very crucial in convincing people to buy your book.

D) Make a Facebook page

Make a facebook page before weeks before the launch of your book. Share updates, short stories, glimpses in regular interval and try to keep the audience guessing about the final product. You can also try the facebook’s sponsored ads to reach out to the masses.

E) Spread the testimonies

Once the book is published ask your sincere audience to offer some genuine testimonies regarding the content and importance of the book. You can post these testimonies with the pictures, names and bio of the people who have shared them in your page or blog.

F) Create and share videos

People like to watch Videos. Short, crisp and informative videos are shared often these days. So you can also try making some interesting videos.

Offline methods to book marketing 

A) Self promotion

This is the best source to connect to people and tell them about your book. You can talk to your friends, relatives and neighbors. Share the content of your book and make them curious about the book.

B) Promote through local media

Advertising your book through local TV channels, newspapers, magazines or radio can also attract a large audience.

C) Offer books for free

Offer free copies of your books to book lovers in your network and take the feedback from them. If the book is genuinely good these people will pass it to their respective circles too.

D) Go to bookstores

Every city or town has some good book shops where they sell quality books of different genres. So promoting your books in such shops can attract book lovers, writers, people from the field of literature and common people toward your book.

You can also print a banner and keep it outside the shop (of course you need to pay the owner for this).

E) Distribution of leaflets

Distributing leaflets from door to door, outside the schools, colleges and universities can be a cheaper idea of promotion. However if you have a problem going door to door, you can talk with some newspaper sellers to distribute the leaflets to his existing customers.

F) Pasting posters and placing banners

Design a gorgeous poster and get a few hundred copies printed out and paste it in cafes, market places or anywhere your potential reader base can see this.

If your city rules do not allow you to paste poster in walls, you can print banners or flexes and place these in crowded market places, outside community halls or at festival gatherings.

G) Promote in book fairs

You can promote or advertise your book at local book fairs too. Here you can find various types of people of different age groups and thus you can share the concept of your book to everyone.

H) Promote through power point presentations

Promoting books through presentation is also a cost effective idea. Shortlist a few renowned colleges and universities and speak with the concerned authorities to allow you to speak for a certain cause (related to your book) and promote the book in the process.

i) First speak about the cause and subject in general. Then explain how your book is going to address these issues.

ii) If you are a crowd shy person, take 2-3 people with you who are good at presenting and explaining things in an organized way.

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This blog is written by Bella Williams , who is private tutor in Information Technology at ExpertAssignmentHelp and loves working with students to help them out with IT assignments and software packages for their capstone projects. She has also helped many students to write books and market their books in most creative ways.

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