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How Twitter Timeline Works: What Will I See on Twitter?

Twitter algorithm is still unclear to many, even experienced, users.

What’s the life of the tweet? How many people will be able to see it? Why (why not) will some one see it and where?

Here’s a very quick visualization to get the facts straight!

What will I see on Twitter?

So someone tweets something. Will you see it?

If you follow that person, you will, unless that’s a response to someone you are not following

Direct response

If you are not following that person, you will NOT unless you are Twitter-tagged on that update in:


Connect tab

If you are not following that person but the tweet was RETWEETED by one of your friends, you will see that tweet


[See how Twitter retweets are different from user-created RTs]


Twitter stream

Summing Up


  1. Thank you this is a nice breakdown for new Twitter followers.

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    Thanks for the sharing this kind of information.

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