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Content Freshness & Google Rankings: Infographic

Recent evidence and expert opinion does suggest that Google seems to love freshness of content more than anything else! Blog posts, articles and videos of relatively recent content seems to be outscoring sites with age, loading speeds, SEO-optimized content and quality and quantity of backlinks.

No less than two very eminent experts in SEO seem to reflect that this is so. Neil Patel of Quicksprout, a prolific blogger and SEO maestro, says that freshness is so critical a factor that blogging every day is a policy never to be sneered at, and the more you blog the higher you seem to get on Google rankings. Rand Fishkin of Moz also strongly underscores the same point expressing surprise that fresh posts seem to be outranking even posts with very established authority.

The other factor that seems to be helping brand growth rise with speed is ubiquity. The more your posts are everywhere – via guest-blogging in diverse sites and spaces – the more you score on Google. Being widespread and “visible everywhere you turn”  is one of the mantras that every blogger now needs to follow.

Guy Kawasaki, the inveterate Tweeter, believes that there is no such thing as too much visibility on the social media. The more you are seen, the more followers you get, the more authority your brand acquires, and the Google  scales are bound to tip in your favour.


SHOBHA PONNAPPA, the author of this infographic, is a Consultant in Digital Marketing Breakthroughs. You can see her repertoire and case studies at http://shobhaponnappa.com.

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