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Spring Forward With a Renewed Look for Your Brand

Spring-clean your brand!

Spring-clean your brand!

Springtime always brings a fresh, renewed feeling with it. The weather is getting warmer and trees, plants, and flowers are beginning to bloom. Everything around us feels transformed and it can be very energizing. This is the perfect time to try something new yourself.

When was the last time you gave your website a new look; whether it was a complete redesign or just a logo update?

Consistency with branding is important as we all know, so you do not have to overdo it to make it different.

There are some things that you can do that will spruce up your brand and give it just enough to make it fresh.

Update your logo

You do not have to lose brand consistency by updating your logo. Get with your graphic designer if you have one or open your favorite image editor and experiment on your own. Make a copy of what you currently have and just tweak it a bit. If you have just a couple of colors, try adding an accent color. You can then use that additional color to add some splashes on your site here and there. If you have text in your logo image, try a different font style or formatting technique. It is easy to keep the brand your clients and customers are used to seeing with just a little bit added or changed to create a refreshing new look.

Update your site

There are several ways you can update your website without losing brand consistency.

  • Try adding some extra color. If you have updated your logo, mix the new accent color into your site and give it a spruced up new look. Or, think about just adding an accent to certain areas such as your sidebars or link colors.
  • Try a different layout. You may use a left-hand navigation with one column for articles and posts. Maybe a top navigation will work for your site just instead. This would provide more space below for your articles and posts or you could try a two-column article area. There are so many layout options that you should take some time to experiment with different ones.
  • Try a different format. Updating the font styles, sizes, and colors for titles, headings, and even your content is an easy, less-invasive way to give your site a new look.
  • Try a new theme. Sites like WordPress offer many, many themes to choose from, each with its own layouts, formatting, and other options. Be careful if you are playing with themes; however, and be sure to back up your site before installing a new one. It is best to try out a new theme on a test site so that you can then either apply it to your own or stick with what you currently have if you do not like it. Using a test area or separate site reduces the risk of updating your live site accidentally. Some site owners even test out a redesigned site as a “beta” and ask visitors for their opinions.
  • Try adding a new section. Spring would be a great time to announce a new section for your website. Maybe you would like to delve into something different that is not necessarily right for your main section. Perhaps creating a membership area, chat room, or forum is right for your site. Think about how you can improve what you already have and what additional items might be a benefit to your visitors.

Update your emails and newsletters

Sit down and take a good look at your current emails and newsletters; it might be the right time to update those as well. Along with the frequency and messaging, consider updating the look and feel of your emails as well. Try a different style or format. Update your images and experiment with new layouts. Make sure that you are opening and reviewing your emails as if you were a customer. What do you see too much of or not enough of? What would you like to see that you do not? Is there too little or too much information? Have a friend or family member provide their feedback as well. Make sure that you are really taking advantage of this marketing opportunity to your customers. If you are not receiving a good response then it is probably time for a change.

Again, you do not have to do anything drastic to update your logo, website, emails, or newsletters. Consistency is important and having a recognizable brand is essential. However, keeping things fresh will be pleasant not only for your customers, clients, and site visitors, but for you as well.

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  1. Great article. I think if you have a few tweaks here and there it will definitely bring in some more traffic without having to revamp your entire branding.
    Thanks for the tips!

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