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Inbound Marketing Strategies for a Holiday Campaign

Holidays are a great time to engage your social media fans with relevant content and, more importantly, boost you sales. This infographic outlines some of the most important statistics related to consumers’ behavior during a holiday season to help marketers better plan their strategies during some specific dates.

Namely, as revealed in various reports, online purchases and product searches seem to increase during holidays, most notably around Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. This is not only because people are searching for gift ideas for their friends and family, but also because the festive mood encourages them to explore content related to the trending topics.



The infographic also gives some suggestions on how to apply this knowledge in practice, i.e. how to boost your inbound marketing strategy during the holiday season. Of course, the section of the infographic that gives advice on how to make your blog post more appealing to your target audience is certainly useful as a general reference, and not only as a holiday marketing strategy.

Creative Inbound Marketing Ideas by Four Dots


  1. I love the infographic.

  2. Yes, it was very well designed.

  3. Betty /

    I never thought about holidays make people happier which leads to more purchases. Thanks for the info graphic!

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