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5 Sites to Get Inspired

Inspiration can be hard to come by. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with stimulation, before long it can feel like overload. Instead of offering you more ideas, it just crowds up your mind and leaves you desperately seeking to break through that mental barrier and find your own motivations.

Believe it or not, the process can actually work for you instead of against you. It is a matter of finding the right sites that provide the right kind of motivation for your needs. These five are great for smashing through creative or inspirational block, and helping you towards your goals. No matter what those might be.

For Inspirational Good Deeds: Random Acts Of Kindness


Every time we so much as check our Facebook feed we are exposed to dozens of horrifying stories. The impact of war, animals who have been abused, Amber Alerts or crime stories, tales of ignorant and hateful people doing ignorant and hateful things. It can be enough to make anyone lose their faith in humanity.

Try turning off all that negativity and instead checking out a website dedicated to the good people do. Random Acts Of Kindness is an organization that is trying to spread love and positivity across the globe. Not only do they have special days dedicated to this task, but they want you to get involved.

You can find a whole host of ideas for being kind to others, simply for the sake of that kindness. Some are simple, like praising a parent for how well they have raised their child. Some are more involved, like teaching someone something you know, or adopting a star in another person’s name.

They also have resources, kindness quotes, and an option to share your own stories of kindness in the real world. You will leave feeling much better about humankind.

For Inspiration To Improve Your Life: HabitForge


Changing your life is a difficult prospect for anyone to swallow. But you can make small changes that form habits, and use those habits to build to a whole new life. Improve yourself and your environment by creating these habits and sticking to them, with HabitForge.

HabitForge breaks things down into timelines. You begin by defining a habit you want to form or break, and why. Then you spend the first week in the ‘enthusiasm phase’, learning to make it a part of your life and eagerly continuing to take part. From there onward, you will learn to do it everyday, and make it a consistent part of your life.

They will send you inspirational and motivational messages every day, and ask you how you did on your goal. This keeps you accountable. The idea is that within 60 days you should have a new habit formed, or an old one broken, and you can make a new goal.

For Finding Inspiration Through A Calmer Mind: Headspace


Meditation is regularly promoted by experts as a way to improve focus, deal with stress, and push away the hustle and bustle that keeps us so busy through the day. Headspace wants to make it easy for you to fit meditation into your day, and see the benefits in the long term.

Cofounder Andy Puddicombe is an ordained Tibetan Monk, who now works with others to spread the positives of meditation around the world. He has created a series of guided meditations of ten minutes each, so you can sit back and quickly get through them as you learn to control your own mind and let go of stressful thoughts.

For those who want to go deeper, they have a subscription that gives you hundreds of hours of meditations for different needs. They will match your subscription by giving one to someone else who could use it.

For Visual Content Inspiration: PrintMePoster


Need inspiration to actually create a piece of visual content? Technically, inspiration for that is everywhere. But a recent place I have found very helpful is PrintMePoster, a printing service that at the time of this writing has more than 21 million visuals on their site.

You can search out by keywords, or look through categories. There are both posters and traditional images, photograph, cartoon, graph and more.

An hour spent here and you will have enough ideas to keep you going for a year.

For Written Content Inspiration: Writing Prompts (Tumblr)


More worried about content for your blog? This Tumblr account posts regular writing prompts through images, poetry, snippets of text, and more. Some of them are weird, some are more artistic, and others are just practical ideas that are easy to follow into an actual post on a topic.

In fact, Tumblr as a whole is a great place to search for inspiration. You can see what is popular, what is trending, and what people are talking about right now. Often a trend will spark on Tumblr before it makes its way to the rest of the web, allowing you to be at the front of the popularity.

Taking Time To Be Inspired

It is much too easy to get caught up in your day to day and forget to take time to breath. That is why I recommend to others that they make inspiration a priority in their daily lives. Whether that is to make a new life habit, look through Flickr photos, or sit down and meditate, it is up to them. Inspiration is a personal experience, and there is no right or wrong way to seek it.

Even if you have to write it into your daily to-do list, set aside some time every day for this task. There are ample opportunities to fit it in. Get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning, or do it just before bed. Listen to a meditation, audiobook, or self help podcast while at the gym.

It doesn’t matter what you do, or when you do it, as long as you walk away feeling inspired!

Have an idea for an inspirational site? Let us know in the comments.

Anna Fox

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