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Comparing Email Marketing Tools / Service Providers

There are so many email service providers out there.  Some of these include GetResponse, MailChimp, Aweber, SendinBlue, Vertical Response, and many more.  With all of that competition, it is difficult to choose the one that works for you.

One option is to try each of them for a time and see which service resonates with you the best.  However, if you do that sort of A/B testing, you risk losing subscribers.  When adding people to one list at one provider and then shifting them to another, people are provided with an opportunity to opt-out of your list.

Why put them through that several times?  A better way to approach it is to compare the features of each provider and determine which features are the most important (including pricing).

This infographic gets you started, showing some of the features that are available and some that you should consider.

One example, to get you going, is that GetResponse is the only provider to offer landing pages (of those listed in the infographic).  Another example is that all of them offer autoresponders except Mad Mimi (who doesn’t advertise that they offer it).

How do you get started?  It is helpful if you list the features that are most important to you.  Then, check out this infographic to see which services are offered by these particular providers.

When you have finished that, check out the links included in the infographic and read about more features.  There may be some that you haven’t thought of yet!  Happy researching.

Comparing Email Marketing Tools / Service Providers

Anna Fox

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