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How to Easily Analyze Your Organic Social Media Traffic with Finteza

Social media traffic is usually hit or miss. Generally, social media users tend to be lurkers: They have already seen hundreds of headlines and scrolled through dozens of funny videos before they clicked your link for some reason and landed on your site.

It’s not easy to stop those people and engage them, unless you are being creative and ingenious. But those are still real people (for the most part) and your page can cater to them.

The question is HOW?

Social media sites give you minimum amount of information on your organic reach. Yes, if you invest in Facebook ads, you may get some sort of a report back on who and how engaged with your ad and who converted on your site. Twitter and Linkedin also offer reporting in exchange for paid campaigns.

But what if we are talking about organic social media traffic? How to better understand your organic social media visitors?

Google Analytics may be not a bad option here. You can track goals and build funnels there but there are a few disadvantages:

  • Unless you’ve got tons of time, Google Analytics will not provide a solid insight. You need hours of setting up and reviewing (and frankly figuring it out is over my head. I am sure many fellow bloggers can relate)
  • Google ends up owning (and using) the data you are sharing with them. It may be making their algorithm better but whether you are comfortable with that or not is up to you.

With that in mind, I was quite happy to discover an independent, easier tool to analyze my traffic called Finteza

How to Set Up Finteza for Your Site?

Finteza is free, looks quite clear and minimal and offers some advanced functionality.

To set it up, create a free account, grab a code and use WordPress widgets to install it anywhere on your site (I used footer)

Install Finteza code
You don’t need to change your theme to install Finteza

I haven’t noticed any impact on my site loading time once Finteza code has been installed.

Finteza will start collecting and showing data right away.

There are other possible steps to take here but no need to do that right away. You can look around before you feel comfortable enough to set up events and goals. Although I have found both quite easy.

Further reading: How to set up conversion tracking using Finteza

How to Analyze Your Social Media Traffic with Finteza

You can start analyzing your traffic the moment Finteza is installed but obviously you may want to wait a few days or weeks for enough data to accumulate. The more data you have, the more insights you’ll get.

Finteza will start sorting your traffic automatically, so if you are getting traffic from social, you’ll see “Twitter” and “Facebook” in “Social” section under “Sources”:

Finteza social media traffic
Sources -> Social

Once you click through to any of the traffic sources here (for example, Twitter), you’ll see Finteza filtering other reports to that traffic source.

Twitter Traffic Demographics (Cities, Devices, Etc.)

Click through “Audience” report to see where your Twitter readers come from, which languages they speak and which devices they tend to use:

My Twitter traffic by city

Most Popular Twitter Traffic Content

Which pages attract more clicks from Twitter? Why? How can I replicate this success? Finteza can help answer this questions. Simply click through to “Entries” under “Pages” headline:

Most popular entry pages for your Twitter audience
Most popular entry pages for your Twitter audience

How Does My Twitter Audience Interact with My Ads?

If you have a self-serving advertising system (which you can set up with Finteza), you can clearly see how your social media users interact with your ads by clicking through “Ad zones” section.

Twitter traffic: Do they click your ads?
Twitter traffic: Do they click your ads?

This info can also go to your blog media kit to attract more advertisers.

Overall, I am not an analytics expert. I fully believe it’s a separate profession of its own and it takes years of learning. But for those of us who cannot afford a real expert or the time for self-education, Fibteza is a perfect solution.

There’s much more to Finteza than I was able to grasp. There’s advanced event tracking available (which I may one day master). There’s advanced traffic segmenting (which I haven’t played with). So I am sure advanced analytics experts will find it useful as well.

Finteza is free, requires no personal info to set up, so go ahead and give it a try!

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