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Unlimited Social Media Listening with SentiOne

SentiOneIf you are business owner, chances are you have Googled your business name a few times at least. But do you think it’s enough for your brand online reputation management?

Not nearly… Someone may be talking about your business at this very moment, comparing you to competitors, mentioning something that needs to be fixed, asking friends if you can trust them?

Does it sound like something like you’d want to hear and maybe engage with?

You bet!

Social listening goes beyond monitoring brand mentions and replying to comments. It’s also about being able to spot what’s wrong with your project (to be able to timely fixing it), analyzing the sentiment, identifying a trending market, being able to learn from your competitors’ mistakes and so much more.

The ability to listen to what your customers are saying about you and your competitors is the most powerful tool that social media ever gave us. It can turn anyone’s business around.

You are either there listening, replying and analyzing or you are bound to lose.

Keeping that in mind, I am always on the lookout for new social listening tools that I can play with.

Here’s my latest find: SentiOne

What is SentiOne?

SentiOne is a online listening platform that offers you to monitor multiple channels (social media, comments, blogs, etc.) that updates in real time.

It operates on in-house technology that is being constantly worked on. So it’s not yet another white label tool that simply uses someone else’s API. That along makes it worth checking out. I always keep an eye on new technologies.

Do we really need another brand monitoring tool?

Yes, none of the previous solutions was perfect: Most miss lots of mentions, many of them are too complicated to set up and use and the majority of them don’t offer actionable insights on a higher level: Graphs are great but what do I do next?

SentiOne has a few cool features allowing them to stand out in the crowd:

  • It supports multiple languages and has language identification algorithms that haven’t failed me yet
  • It has no limits as to how many mentions you can see and you can access your full three-year-long archive for no additional charge too
  • It sends you custom email alerts keeping you in the loop
  • It offers “the best sentiment analysis in the market”. That needs a bit more playing to confirm than I have done so far.
  • Lots of other goodies under one roof including audience insights, gender analysis, marketing intelligence, crisis management, influencer identification and more.

Here are few things that stood out for me.

1. You will be able to identify influencers as mentions come. The sentiment analysis also helps to spot probably trolls you may want to stay away from:

SentiOne influencers

2. You can set up different kinds of reports depending on which team you want to tackle each one. I love this feature because social media listening involves so many aspects of your business: You’ll want your customer service to handle replies, sales team to monitor leads, marketing team to engage with influencers and you’ll want your managers to keep an eye on everything forming a higher-level picture of what needs to be done to improve weak teams and features:


3. You can play with your searches on so many levels! Set up hashtags for Twitter and Instagram, keywords for Facebook, put together more advanced queries to monitor content and then tie these all together within one dashboard.


4. Reply and monitor discussions right from your dashboard. Take action and reply to your social media mentions from the same platform. Talk about productivity!



Gone are the days when it was tough to tell what customers thought about your business or your product. Gone are the days when you thought you didn’t want to be on social media as it’s all noise and clutter. It’s time to innovate. Social media is becoming the customer’s top choice when it comes to customer support. Unless you are there to address their needs, your competitors will. So start listening and engaging, especially with tools that make it easy!

Disclaimer: The author of this review is in no way affiliated with the reviewed product




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