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10 Data-Driven Steps To Dominate LinkedIn Publishing

Have access to LinkedIn’s new Publishing platform and want to learn how to get the best bang for your buck?

This infographic, a collaboration between Paul Shapiro of Search Wilderness, OkDork, and Top Dog Social Media, highlights the top 10 ways to get your writing seen by the LinkedIn audience by using their new blogging feature.

The research analyzed 3,000 of the most successful posts written on the LinkedIn Publishing platform and distilled the various factors that contributed to the success of those posts.

The takeaways are as follows:

  1. The optimal length for the title of your LinkedIn Publishing post is between 40 and 49 characters.
  2. Posts containing 8 images got the greatest number of views.
  3. Posts containing multimedia embeds such as YouTube videos and SlideShare presentations performed worse than posts without any embeds.
  4. Divide your posts into sections, each with their own headings.
  5. Write posts between 1900 and 2000 words in length.
  6. Keep your posts written in a neutral tone.
  7. Your posts should be written in simple language, easy enough that an 11-year-old could read your writing with ease.
  8. If you can only get users to engage with your post one way, get them to provide a “LinkedIn Like”. It increases the visibility of your writing on LinkedIn.
  9. Posts published on Thursday tend to get more views.
  10. Headlines shouldn’t be questions since they perform poorly on LinkedIn Publishing. Opt for headlines that are statements, allude to a “how-to”, or are in list form (Top 10 Ways…).


via Paul Shapiro’s Search Wilderness

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