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Mobile Leaving You Behind? Edit Webinars Into Viral Traffic Magnet Videos

Are mobile and video marketing leaving you behind? Globally, IP video traffic will be 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018, up from 66 percent in 2013 according to Cisco. Video is essential for online success and webinars are an easy way to create popular video content.

What is your target audience searching for? Are you delivering it in a compelling way that wows them? Most likely you or your sales force already know what questions they ask. Turn those answers into entertaining, animated traffic magnets by editing video you may already have.

Many don’t realize that solutions like ClickWebinar make it possible to edit live events. Instead of creating all your videos from scratch, simply improve your live recordings. Make sure your spokesperson is passionate about your business – maybe even exciting and funny.

Are You Boring?

When you want to get attention on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest, interesting content with videos really works. Combine videos, images, infographics, and SlideShares for visual appeal. Pinning and sharing multiple types of media will increase clicks and shares.

Video Highlights:

  • 2.7 billion internet users worldwide
  • 191.4 million in the United States
  • 73% of online Americans use social networking sites
  • YouTube has 1 billion users worldwide
  • Users view 4 billion videos every day

Turning each webinar into multiple individual videos takes them from dull to fun. Not everyone wants to major in your business or watch long, comprehensive videos; users have short attention spans. They search for a video that answers a specific question or teaches a particular skill. Long lead-ins are painful to watch! Grab their attention from the start. Turning your webinars into answers and naming them aptly will increase your search traffic from YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine – you need to shine there

Be sure to optimize your video descriptions and tags. Remember that what you have in these fields determines whether or not your videos will come up in searches on YouTube. See the tips in our HOW TO: Make the Most of YouTube Video Description (from Basics to Advanced Tips).

Don’t stop with just YouTube. There are many other video hosting sites and you can also host the videos yourself. Be sure to optimize all your videos on every video host.

Promoting Your Videos

YouTube isn’t the only place to use your videos. Embed them in blog posts. Share them in LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Seek out the most relevant Google Plus communities and start a discussion around them. Anywhere you can share written content you can also share videos and the content you write to contain them. See 50 Places to Repurpose Your Webinar Conferences As Video Content for more ideas.

Spending all your time doing webinars, and creating videos and content is not the key to success. Having them available is the first step, but promoting them everywhere you can is what will gain you traction. Avoid the common mistake of continually creating new videos and content that no one ever sees!

Why Repurpose Webinars?

For many companies, their webinars address all the typical questions their clients and potential customers ask. Presenting to a specific audience brings out the best in your people. Watch your latest or best webinar. Take notes. You should end up with a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Now turn each question and answer into a short video. 30-60 second videos are the most popular so no length is too short. Some will be longer; make them as long as it takes to address that topic.

Do some keyword research to determine what search phrase your potential buyers would use to find each video. Use that phrase in the title, preferably at the beginning. Put it in the description and in the keywords. See our Beginner’s SEO Strategy for tips.

This simple tip will transform your long webinar into compelling, brief answers the people at the top of your sales funnel want. Create a custom image for each one or do a screen capture of the most compelling bit from each video. Use the images to promote your videos and blog posts.

TIP: Start each post with approximately 300 words of text. Then embed your image. The ideal size is twice as wide as it is high. (For example: 800×400 or 600×300) This size is optimum for Twitter and fits most blog widths. Put the video further down in the post. If you use an infographic or SlideShare, separate it from the video with some text. Typically we put the infographic or SlideShare at or near the bottom and the video in the center of the content.

Scared to get started? Read The 5 No’s To Creating Great Video. Need more ideas? See 14 Creative Ways To Use Video Marketing.

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