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3 Proven Ways To Gain Credibility As An Internet Marketer

Let’s start with the good news: internet marketing is more profitable than ever.

No matter your industry or niche, chances are you can make good money online today. The reason is simple. More and more people use the internet now than before.

According to Social Media Today, the total number of internet users across the world as of 1 January 2018 was 4,156,932,140. That’s over 4 billion users ready and willing to spend on a business that meets their needs. A forecast by Report Buyer revealed global B2B eCommerce sales are predicted to reach over $6.6 trillion by 2020.

Now for the bad news.

People only buy from brands they deem credible. The science behind credibility is built on the principle of social proof. This post will reveal three ways to boost your brand’s online credibility so people buy more from you.

But first, let’s cover the basics.

What Is Credibility In Marketing?

According to Unbounce credibility is a measure of how believable and trustworthy your marketing is perceived to be.

Credible brands attract more quality leads more often. In the end they’re way more profitable than untrustworthy companies.

Why Credibility Is Crucial For Internet Marketers

Credibility is not a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have if you want your business to thrive and have the competitive edge.

Here’s why your business must be trustworthy.

#1. The Marketing Golden Rule

It’s a cliché for a reason: people do business with people with they know, like and trust. Without trust customers don’t transact, period. So without credibility, you cannot do business online.

#2. The Proliferation Of Scams

The FBI Internet Crime Report says internet victim losses exceeded $1.4 Billion in 2017. Understandably, people are nervy and skeptical. They think twice before doing business online. As an internet marketer, you’ve got to work overtime to allay their fears and win their confidence.

Now that we’re done with the essentials let’s get into the details of building brand believability.

3 Sure-fire Ways To Boost Online Credibility

Here are three sure-fire ways to build your company’s credibility on the internet.

#1. The Credentials Technique

Would you hire a medical school freshman to do a life-saving op on you?

Probably not.

You want someone who’s got the chops and the papers to prove it.

Certifications are crucial in convincing prospects a business is the real deal.

Here’s why.

  • Certifications denote expertise– when a business places its qualifications on the table it shows they’re specialized practitioners not dabblers in their field.
  • Certifications denote verification– whenever a brand or service provider has been tested and verified by a third party, it shows they’re an authentic brand.
  • Certifications denote excellence– when a business is examined and passed by the highest and brightest bodies in their field it shows they’re committed to reaching the apex of quality or service for their clients.

In a word, education and certifications are a big vote of confidence in a brand. But make sure the qualification is related to your field.

For instance, if you are a software developer, it makes sense to have a degree in software development from a trusted and accredited University like Maryville, or some other respected institution. Or, if you’re a content marketer it might pay to have a degree in business, marketing, or advertising with other content marketing specific certifications, like ones from the Online Marketing Institute.

Whether free or paid, online or traditional, education and certifications work well. They show beyond doubt that you are a qualified and reliable business, not a fly-by-night chancer.

White Shark Media certainly boost their legitimacy and authority in the eyes of visitors by proudly displaying their Google Partner badge.

Source: White Shark Media

As part of a couple of hand-picked Google partners, White Shark Media prove their expertise emphatically by simply showing their certification.

Certifications supercharge your authority fast.

#2. The Case Study Technique

Case studies are a powerful type of content in business.

A recent research on content preferences by Demand Gen revealed that buyers use case studies more than any other content to inform their purchasing decisions. Take a look at the results of the study below.

Source: Orbit Media

In other words, customer case studies are the most persuasive content you can create to convince customers to buy from you. This is especially true for B2B brands.

Why do case studies work like gangbusters?

First, it’s because of their specificity. They show exactly how a specific brand in a specific place was helped in a specific way. This is more convincing than making generic claims.

Second, a good case study proves a product’s value powerfully. This makes it more likely for prospects to buy the product.

A great example of a winning case study with the potential to generate leads and sales is from Moz. The post titled “How to Build Links to Your Blog – A Case Study” got 101 shares and 174 shares.

Source: Moz

Thorough and insightful case studies inspire confidence in a brand.

#3. The Authority Blitzkrieg Technique

Have you ever wondered how some companies are everywhere?

Go to your niche’s top blogs, they are there.

Listen to A-list podcasts, they are there.

Go to niche conferences, you hear them quoted often.

They’re probably using the blitzkrieg technique to promote their brand. Let me explain. A marketing blitzkrieg is a swift, intensive and strategic promotion of a brand in key places where their audience hangs out. All this takes place in a specific time frame for maximum impact.

This can be done through guest posting, being a podcast guest, interviews, and press mentions. This is where platforms like MyBlogGuest and MyBlogU come in handy. They make brand promotions easier and faster. Anna Fox of Manifest Connection saw a huge traffic spike after doing an interview on the latter platform.

You can read about Anna’s MyBlogU experience here.

On seeing a brand interacting with the leading voices in their space, people naturally afford the same respect to that company.

Danny Iny of Mirasee used this method to shoot from obscurity into marketing stardom in a couple of months. He guest posted his way to a multiple 7 figure business earning the nickname Freddy Krueger of guest blogging in the process.

Want to rapidly boost your brand’s legitimacy?

Try a strategic promotion onslaught.

Time To Raise Your Authenticity Ratings

There’s no doubt about it: the more clout you garner as an internet marketer the more cash you net.

Build your reputation one step at a time.

You’ll see a gradual increase in your profits. It won’t happen overnight but it’ll materialize eventually if you execute these tips wisely.








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