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How To Close More Sales On Social Media

Social media is no longer just a place for small talk — it’s an opportunity to make big bucks and significantly boost ROI.

According to Sales For Life, companies with consistent social selling processes are 40% more likely to hit revenue goals than non-social sellers. The same study revealed that B2B sellers who embrace social selling are 72% more likely to exceed quotas than those who don’t.

While the chance to succeed is there, most brands still struggle with making money on social media.

This post will explore four ways of boosting social sales.


Let’s get started.

#1. Build a Solid Social Media Funnel

Sadly, many companies use the spray-and-pray approach on social media.

They just plow ahead without a strategy and hope for the best. Whatever sales they make are random chance sales that don’t bring in consistent revenue.

How can you overcome this?


Build a proper social media conversion funnel that’s fully integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

Here are key factors to consider:

  • Channels- discover your target audiences’ favorite channels and follow them there.
  • Content- research and experiment on the right content mix and frequency required for you to gain traction on the channels.
  • Messaging- make sure your message is consistent across channels and platforms.
  • Tactics- find the right balance between paid and free tactics.
  • Testing- test everything, analyze, tweak and redeploy until you’re happy with the results.

You can build your sales funnel using this WordPress form builder that makes it incredibly easy. There’s also a great business name generator for you to build your sales funnel on your own site.

Building a social media sales funnel is the single biggest action you can take to generate more income on social media. Neil Patel made $332,640 in 3 months from Instagram by building a funnel based on influencer marketing.

Also, according to Megaphone Marketing, ad creatives can make or break your social media campaigns.

#2. Give Your Customers the Stage

Giving the stage to your customers so they share their experiences with your brand can boost sales.

Encourage customers to share rave reviews about your product. Get them to post pics of themselves using your product or service. Circle back and use that content in your marketing.

It’s technical name — User-generated Content (UGC). It works like gangbusters.

According to Business Insider, shoppers that interact with UGC are 97% more likely to convert with a retailer than customers who do not. Plus, revenue per visitor for retailers increases 106% when customers interact with UGC versus those that don’t.

Luxy Hair used the Shopify POS to roll out an Instagram app that allows customers to share before and after pictures on Instagram using a branded hashtag. They reposted the photos on their own account.

Source: Shopify

This sort of content is authentic and resonates with the audience. It makes them more likely to buy. Plus, customers love to see themselves trending and so won’t stop talking about your brand.

#3. Provide Stellar Customer Support

Because acquiring a new customer is tough, marketers know that repeat business is the best business.

What makes customers come back for more?

One word. Support.

Timely, sensitive, and creative support available 24/7.

According to Sprout Social being responsive on social media is the number one reason that prompts customers to buy.

Source: Sprout Social

More and more brands now have dedicated customer service social accounts. Online food ordering company, Seamless for instance, has a superb customer support team.

A customer once vented on Twitter how his order was mixed up. He wasn’t complaining outright. He was just expressing his disappointment. The company’s support team promptly responded and asked for the order number so they could check it out. As a result, the customer was elated.

Source: Buffer

Since happy customers buy more this goes a long way in boosting sales.

#4. Make Buying On Social Channels Stupid Easy

Social media is crazy-busy.

Streams are clogged with an unending torrent of content vying for users’ attention. Anything that remotely looks complicated or makes people work will be ignored.

Create social commerce experience that is fast, easy and impulse-shopping-friendly. Make buying from you super easy for customers. Shrink the buying process to its bare essentials — then people can make quick purchases within their favorite social networks themselves without going through an elaborate process on the company website.

Flyaway Bluejay used Pinterest buyable pins to make buying a one-click breeze. Here are the results.

  Source: Pinterest

The simplicity of Buyable Pins increased sales by 20% overall in all product categories. Plus, sales for their traditionally strong sellers increased steadily as well.

Go Make Some Money on Social

Money’s there to be made through social media.

Use these tips to get in on the act.

  • Build a strong funnel.
  • Take advantage of UGC.
  • Provide five-star customer support.
  • Make buying very easy.

If you pick the right techniques that fit your brand’s context and execute them well you will be the next social selling success story.

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