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#TSU: Is There Really a Model to Let Social Media Users Earn by Being Social?

With the new neat social media network on the rise, I went ahead and asked my fellow MBU users what they think of its future. I was inspired by this article and given the (well-grounded) negativity in it, no wonder the discussion was geared against the startup.

Now, I don’t really want to be ONLY negative here. TSU is already under hackers and abusers’ attack but they are working hard to solve the problem! I want to point out straight away that I see TSU founders as genuine and hard-working people – which is why TSU is not just another money scam we’ve seen before. We see a great innovative idea here and leading innovation is hard, so don’t expect there will be no errors or scandals at the beginning.

Now let’s see what others think:

tsu-06Daniel Andrei Garcia

Mike Tiscionetsu-01

Tsu is certainly onto something innovative, but will it really work?

With Tsu’s perceived model, the line between perception and reality of the network may end up proving to be what kills the network off before it really even gets off the ground.

Users will be intrigued by the network at the fact that you can make money off of it, but if it takes them a great deal of time and they’re really not making a whole lot, will they stick around?

Users will take a look at it because of how unique it is, but will this type of model be enough for them to pack up from Facebook and move? It’s tough to tell right now. It’s interesting though, I’ll give Tsu that.


tsu-02Philip Turner

Anna Fox


  1. Some very good points Anna, especially regarding those who may join just for the possible earnings. I suppose the ideal situation would be that those who are genuinely interested in what social media offers will naturally filter from those who aren’t…Well, maybe.

  2. According to my (very short) experience in Tsu, the people attracted just by easy money clearly outnumber those interested in the social interaction. Hopefully the trend can reverse because, as you mention, this is the only way to make it sustainable in the long term.

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