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Online Meetings and Web Conferences Show Your Personality

Social media is only as effective as the content you have to share. Online meetings and web conferences are excellent ways of multiplying your time. Either can allow you to reach multiple people at once. Even better, you can record, edit and share them across social networks.

Difference Between Online Meetings and Webinars

Have you ever wondered why many webinar solutions providers separate meetings and webinars. What is the difference? Meetings are typically limited to fewer participants who can all interact by default. Webinars usually have one or more presenters who can reach many more attendees who are not interactive by default.

Your first step is to decide what the goal is of your meeting or why you need a webinar. This video suggests first doing keyword research to decide what your online meeting or webinar should cover:


 Video Highlights:
  • Videos can increase lead generation
  • Use Google AdWords for keyword research
  • Search for your keywords on YouTube to see if there are video ads to indicate there is demand
  • Record your webinars and upload them to YouTube

Choosing a Webinar Solution

While there are many webinar solutions available, they vary greatly. The older, best known platforms require your attendees to download and install software. These are better avoided because they create an unnecessary obstacle to your potential attendees. Newer webinar solutions are web-based and do not require installation.

  • Mobile Responsive

It is essential that whatever online meeting solution you use must support all mobile devices. Just working on these devices is not sufficient. They need to work well. Videos should rotate and social sharing buttons must work. Before signing any long term contracts, take advantage of the free trial periods and test on as many devices as possible. You could also check reviews in hopes reviewers may have mentioned what devices they’ve used.

Note that some meeting solutions allow mobile users to attend, but not present or manage. Be sure to verify that the solution you’re considering allows both. Even if you are not planning to ever present on a mobile device, life has a way of throwing surprises at you. An emergency or traffic could keep you away from your usual desktop location. Having the capability of presenting from everywhere can ensure you don’t miss any important meetings or presentations.

  • Brandable

During a meeting or webinar, you have the opportunity to make your brand memorable. Choose a solution that allows you to customize your webinars and meetings with your logo and business colors. Some also allow you to select from various presentation layouts dependent upon what you are presenting.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to have your attendees unconsciously link your business, logo and presentation in their minds. When they search later, even if they don’t remember consciously, they will be drawn to your business without actively knowing why.

  • Screen Sharing

Check to see what types of screen sharing the solutions you’re evaluating support. Can you share videos? What about slide shares, PowerPoint, and browsers? How quickly does the screen change? Can attendees see the mouse moving? Can only one presenter share their screen or can you use multiple presenters? Can attendees share screens with you or not?

  • Chat Options

If you’ve ever been in a chat where someone became disruptive, you’ll understand why you will want the ability to moderate chat. Better solutions allow you to interact one-on-one with comments as well as with the entire attendance. When working with large groups or groups of varying skill levels this becomes more important.

  • Recording

Not recording your meetings and webinars would be a huge mistake. These videos can be shared to reduce how much time you spend in one-on-one training. Upload them on YouTube and other video hosting channels to increase incoming traffic and leads. While using the recordings as is would be one option, it isn’t ideal.

  • Editing

Often you will want to edit your videos to remove mistakes and technical delay or to add additional material. The ability to edit your recordings is essential to making the most of these visual assets. Definitely choose a solution that has editing capabilities.

  • Translating

Did you know you can go international by having your webinar solution automatically translate into any of 52 languages? At least one webinar solution (ClickMeeting) has integrated with Google Translate so that your attendees can listen in their native language.  Both the original language and the translation can be made visible at the same time if desired.

  • Statistics

Your webinar platform should provide statistics you can use to continually improve what you are doing. Consider following up with attendees who watch through to the end first.  The data gathered through their email address and location plus any surveys you conducted during the meeting should be shared with your sales team.

Webinars Show Your Passion

Using online meetings and webinars allows businesses to appear more human. Choose representatives who come across fun and passionate in videos and you can grow your business.

7 reasons to embrace online culture (social media) by J6 design
7 reasons to embrace online culture (social media)

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